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Logo Test

August 18, 2021

Logo Test

Logos are visual representations of brands. Getting feedback from potential customers on your logo is essential for a successful launch or restaging. Brands going through a logo design process find it extremely helpful to test their logo before making their final choice.

Choosing a logo that represents a new brand or a branch of your company can be challenging. Putting your organization's logo design first is one of the most important things you can do to make sure that it stands out among your competitors. The logo should convey creativity and the organization's values and personality, not just the design itself. To be memorable and create a connection with your target audience, it needs to be meaningful and distinct. Consider all the materials your logo will appear on, including your digital presence, printing and your print collaterals, it's crucial to get it right.

With Boomerang Ideas, you can obtain feedback on what people think of your logo and determine whether customers or target markets like the design of your logo. We offer advanced targeting options to help you target the right audience. You can target people based on their age, gender, and demographic characteristics, such as household income or marital status etc.

How do they feel about the design? Do they consider it unique? How does it fit into the brand? After receiving feedback on your logo design, refine it before applying it to your products, packaging, website, and other marketing material. With Boomerang Ideas, you can also compare results from various versions of your logo design using our A/B test feature.

You can get feedback on different logo concepts with online surveys that include images. Two approaches may be used to address this issue:

Method 1: Determine each logo option one at a time. Using the cloning feature, you can duplicate a survey and then show different versions of the logo to different groups of respondents and compare the results

Method 2: Testing multiple logo options simultaneously is the second approach. To get their feedback, do a single survey that shows three or four logo options to each respondent. 

Why not give it a try and test out Boomerang technology today.

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