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Success Stories

Meret Schneider

Claudia Boker

August 2, 2021


Insights from national poll helps Swiss politician Meret Schneider increase relevance in regional awareness campaigns.

Meret Schneider, former Swiss National Councilor (ehemalige Nationalrätin) and co-director of Sentience Politics, has the mission to improve animal-wellbeing in agriculture as well as reducing our impact on climate change. In her current campaign on preventing mass animal husbandry (“Massentierhaltung”) it’s important for her and the team to understand how they can address and tailor the message of their initiatives in the different regions. 


In order to get representative results on regional levels, Meret Schneider launched a Pro poll individually targeting all 7 greater regions of Switzerland in the respective language (German, French or Italian).


  • Polls: 1 (Pro)
  • Countries: Switzerland
  • Regions: 
  • CH01: Lake Geneva
  • CH02: Espace Mittelland
  • CH03: Northwestern Switzerland
  • CH04: Zurich
  • CH05: Eastern Switzerland
  • CH06: Central Switzerland
  • CH07: Ticino
  • How many respondents: 500
  • Networks: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Query:  Should Switzerland introduce a CO2-tax on meat consumption?
  • Answer A: Yes
  • Answer B: No


In order to figure that out, a poll about a related subject, CO2-tax on meat for Switzerland, was needed. It was assumed that it could indicate the sensitivity about the topic within the different regions.

Boomerang Ideas’ simple online polls and customizable targeting options provided the right professional context for this national temperature check.

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Our PRO offering with 500+ responses was able to provide accurate targeting options to get the polls to all 7 geographic regions. 


“Boomerang Ideas was the perfect tool to get high quality insights in no time and without the high cost that traditional opinion polling carries”, says Meret Schneider.

They were also impressed by what the newly acquired data showed for each of the greater regions of Switzerland.

The Lake Geneva region especially showed a much higher approval rate of the tax than they had previously anticipated.

The distinctiveness of rejection in Ticino was remarkable, while the amount of acceptance surprised in Eastern Switzerland and Central Switzerland.

With this information their upcoming online-campaigns can be much better tailored to the individual greater regions as these results are a clear indicator as to where the regions stand in terms of animal-wellbeing.

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  • Meret Schneider and her team were able to increase her regional campaign performance
  • Thanks to better knowledge of the local sensitivity about their topics, they were able to address the subject with more relevance and therefore more effective.

Team Boomerang

Boomerang Ideas is a team of professionals with research backgrounds. The Swiss company, founded in 2019, is based and registered in Zurich.

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