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Boomerang Surveys

Learn about your target audience, get feedback on your strategy, or even collect the opinion of a whole population in just 3 clicks.

HOW the surveys WORKS

We make high-quality market research easy and fast!

With Boomerang, you can create surveys of up to six questions, define your target group by location, gender, and age, and even choose your desired number of respondents with a money-back guarantee if this number isn't reached. We transform your survey questions into engaging social media ads, ensuring accurate targeting without needing your social media account

step 1

Create your survey with only 3 clicks and choose your target audience by location, gender and age.

step 2

Our AI transforms your survey into ad-posts on all social media platforms while following the highest methodological standards.

step 3

From the start, you can see your live results come in and after 7 days you will receive the representative results in a PDF-report and the raw data in excel.

step 1step 2step 3

Create your survey with only 3 clicks and choose your target audience by location, gender and age.


Our AI-machine transforms your survey into ad-posts on all social media platforms while following the highest methodological standards.


After 1 day you will receive representative results in a PDF report and raw data in Excel.

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How to create your survey and get results
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Launch your own survey with a few clicks
  • Create your own survey with up to 6 questions
  • Choose your target group by location, gender and age
  • Number of guaranteed respondents selectable (Money-back guarantee in case number will not be reached)
  • Automatic language translation & semantic image suggestions
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We transform your survey into social media ads

Boomerang Ideas transforms your survey questions into social media ads like posts, stories and links. These posts are distributed to your selected socio-demographics by the accurate micro-targeting feature known from advertising technology (no own social media account or knowledge needed).

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Get your report and represen- tative results
  • Obtain a final PDF report with analysis & charts ready to present
  • Surveys are completed within 1–7 days
  • Raw data in Excel
  • Qualitative evaluation of participants’ comments on social media
  • View results anytime online through the Live Cockpit
View Sample Dashboard & Report (PDF)
Start your survey

Our Methodology meets the highest market research standards

selection bias

GDPR & less Selection Bias

We are GDPR-compliant, and no monetary incentives lead to less selection bias.

micro targeted recruiting

Micro-Targeted Recruiting

The AI uses micro-targeting to get results from “Hard-To-Reach” clusters and all sociodemographic groups by gender, age & region on different social media platforms.

stratified sampling

Stratified Sampling

Highest accuracy guaranteed with population modelling based on survey industry-standard “Stratified sampling” on 3 dimensions. It divides a population into homogenous clusters defined by the respective socio-demographics (gender, age and region with respective language).

representative weighting

Representative Weighting

Our solution creates a sample that represents the demographic structure of the population of a country by 3 dimensions (geography, age, gender). This option also includes auto-weighting by ground-truth data from the federal office for statistics.

Partners & Memberships
Our survey tool

Opinion and market research via social media

100% fresh, real-time recruitment and auto-survey distribution on the #1 place where people are. Guaranteed responses or money back.

Quick Check

Polls with 100 quota-based samples allowing for a representative temperature check for ideas, pitches etc.

Starting at
CHF/€ 100
per poll

Start your poll
  • Polls with up to 3 questions
  • 100 respondents (quota-based)
  • Completed in 3 days

Boomerang Surveys

Customisable representative surveys for your research needs.

Starting at
CHF/€ 3
per respondent

Start your survey
  • Surveys with up to 6 questions
  • 100-1000 respondents (quota-based)
  • Completed in 7-10 days
  • Custom targeting options
  • 5 different question formats availabe
  • Up to 20 answer-options per question
Included Features
Demographic granularity
Age group, gender, region
Real-time recruiting
Quota-based recruiting
Representative weighting
Live Dashboard
Upload own images
Raw data
Insights Hub
A/B Testing Option
Available Add-Ons (additional fee)
Advanced raw data
Ready to present PDF
Express package
Cross-quoted sampling

In addition to our standard deep dive survey, we also offer a price-worthy quick check survey for a fast check when stratified sampling is not a must.  

Try it out now!

Our satisfied clients include

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Apart from the included 3 questions, Deep Dive allows adding 3 additional questions for € 3.00 per sample.

Quick Check: Includes 100 guaranteed answers to your poll (the first question), with follow-up questions dependent on the participant's interest.

Deep Dive: Answers guaranteed for entire survey (all questions).

Quick Check: Allows simple surveys or polls with 1 main question (the poll) and 2 follow-up questions.

The follow-up questions can be image poll, single choice or multiple-choice with 4 answers possibilities.

Deep Dive: Allows complex surveys or polls with up to 6 questions and all available answer types.


Costs are dependent on target countries population size and complexity.

Here’s the group cost per respondent for 3 question surveys for Quick Check | Deep Dive:

Group 1: €1 | €3 Brazil, India, United States

Group 2: €2 | €4 UK, Thailand, Spain, South Africa, Nigeria, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, Argentina

Group 3: €3 | €5 Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Mexico, South Korea, Kenya, Czech Republic, Austria, Saudi Arabia

For Deep Dive only: Add 3 additional questions at €3 per sample.

Quick Check will get you a sample that’s based on the standard age-group and gender distribution, plus a regional distribution on a more granular level (f.i. North, East, South, West in Germany or Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, West, and Midwest in the US)

Deep Dive will get you the common distribution for age-group, gender and region (f.i. all 50 states in the US or 16 Bundesländer for Germany).

All our respondent are unbiased and fresh. No monetary incentives, no panel-fatigue, no clickers.

Based on a new methodology combining stratified sampling, behavioral science, and AI with real-time recruiting for every survey on social media

Boomerang Social Media Sampling ensures demographic ground-truth data based on, social media channel, gender, age and regional distribution is respected.

F.i. for A/B-tests or to brand your survey.

Surveys that target only sub-populations of a country (e.g. only 1 state).

Get further useful insights into your survey, audience, and potential buyer. Gained from our raw data and social media insights.

Get further useful insights into your survey, audience, and potential buyer. Gained from our raw data and social media insights.

Includes all available raw data, social media platform, and more sociodemographic information allowing for in-dept analysis.

This option tells our engine to spit out all available data that we get during the survey. In particular, the following: gender, age, region, date/time, free text/comment, country, large region/region, language, social media channel, social media format, and – where available – self-declaration questions such as residential area or educational level.

PDF presentation with charts and tables, comments, and info on methodology – ready to present!

Completes the survey 3 days earlier.

Get your survey setup reviewed by market research experts before launch. Includes a total of 1h of support by is provided by gfs.bern AG – a research partner of Boomerang Ideas AG.

Cross-quoted sampling

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