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Success Stories

Boomerang Ideas Drives Success for WIRZ in the GCC Market

Ria Vrancken

A breakthrough in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) market

Boomerang Ideas' collaboration with WIRZ showcases the power of innovative market research methodologies and the impact of data-driven decision-making.

Boomerang Ideas played a pivotal role in gathering critical insights that empowered WIRZ’s international client to successfully penetrate the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) market.

Together, we achieved exceptional outcomes in a challenging market, solidifying WIRZ as a leader in the marketing industry.

The Objective

WIRZ, an iconic advertising and brand consulting company, was tasked by their international client to shed light on the influence of social media and trusted influencers in the baby nutrition sector in the GCC Region (Gulf Cooperation Council).

For this, they had to penetrate the challenging GCC market in order to allow their client to refine their targeting strategy. Boomerang Ideas conducted a social media market research survey in this GCC Region, enabling WIRZ's international client to refine their targeting strategy and achieve remarkable results in the market.

The Solution

Boomerang Ideas was entrusted by WIRZ to execute the social media survey in the GCC Region using their advanced toolset, including their proprietary research platform.

The data collected and analyzed from various social media platforms provided insights into the preferences, behaviors, and sentiments of the GCC consumers regarding baby nutrition. The survey uncovered a significant trend among the younger population, who rely on social media for information about baby nutrition and for their purchases.

The survey also highlighted the impact of social media influencers in shaping consumer opinions and decisions regarding baby nutrition recommendations.

The Results

These insights have been instrumental in guiding WIRZ's strategies and ensuring they effectively target and engage with their audience in the GCC market.

The client embraced the survey findings and integrated them into their marketing campaigns.

By forging strategic partnerships with trusted social media influencers, the client successfully capitalized on their credibility, resulting in increased brand awareness, engagement, and higher sales.

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