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High-quality market research on social media

our philosophy

We make high-quality market research easy, fast and affordable.

Boomerang Ideas is the first online tool that enables you to obtain valid and representative market research results in a day, with just a few clicks from your device, even from hard to reach target groups.

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To make you an informed, fast and confident decision-maker in any situation.

Boomerang Ideas gives you the ability to obtain easy, fast and affordable high-quality results, so you can make data-based decisions with certainty – even under time-pressure and with a low budget.

By transforming the 4 billion social media users into survey-takers.

While strictly following the methodological market research standards, our AI-based solution recruits participants for your online survey on social media platforms – the place where almost every human being can be reached today.


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How it works
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Launch your own survey with a few clicks
  • Create your own survey with up to 3 questions
  • Choose your target group by location, gender and age
  • Number of guaranteed respondents selectable (Money-back guarantee in case number will not be reached)
  • Automatic language translation & semantic image suggestions
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We transform your survey into social media ads

Boomerang Ideas transforms your survey questions into social media ads like posts, stories and links. These posts are distributed to your selected socio-demographics by the accurate micro-targeting feature known from advertising technology (no own social media account or knowledge needed).

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Get your report and representative results
  • Obtain a final PDF report with analysis & charts ready to present
  • Surveys are completed within 1–5 days
  • Raw data in Excel
  • Qualitative evaluation of participants’ comments on social media
  • View results anytime online through the Live Cockpit
View Sample Dashboard & Report (PDF)
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Our Methodology meets the highest market research standards

selection bias

GDPR & Selection Bias

We are GDPR-compliant, and no monetary incentives lead to less selection bias.

micro targeted recruiting

Micro-Targeted Recruiting

The AI uses micro-targeting to get results from “Hard-To-Reach” clusters and all sociodemographic groups by gender, age & region on different social media platforms.

stratified sampling

Stratified Sampling

Highest accuracy guaranteed with population modelling based on survey industry-standard “Stratified sampling” on 3 dimensions. It divides a population into homogenous clusters defined by the respective socio-demographics (gender, age and region with respective language).

representative weighting

Representative Weighting

Our solution creates a sample that represents the demographic structure of the population of a country by 3 dimensions (geography, age, gender). This option also includes auto-weighting by ground-truth data from the federal office for statistics.

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Start your survey

Starting at EUR 2.50/CHF 3.00 per completed survey response. Guaranteed responses or money back.

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