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Empower your pitch and impress clients

March 10, 2023

Pitching to potential clients without real data to support it can be challenging and can limit your chances to succeed.

As a marketing agency, you can impress a potential client by incorporating market research into your pitch, showing your expertise and data-driven approach to understanding the market and consumer behavior.

Unlocking Success - Empower your pitch and impress clients

Often market research is not included in a client pitch and therefore the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and credibility is missed. This could also lead to not providing a client with the most effective marketing strategies:

  • Lack of credibility: When you pitch to a potential client without real data to support it, it can be challenging to convince them. Your potential client may view your pitch as speculative or lacking in substance, which can undermine your credibility.
  • Missed opportunities: Data can provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn't, which can help you refine your pitch and make it more compelling.
  • Inability to address concerns: Without real data, you may not be able to address potential concerns or objections that your potential client may have about your idea. This can make it difficult to address any potential risks or drawbacks associated with your idea.

The main reasons for marketing agencies to not include market research

  • Time and budget constraints: Marketing agencies may choose to skip market research since it can be time-consuming and expensive.
  • Lack of expertise: Some marketing agencies may not have the necessary expertise or experience to conduct comprehensive market research, which can lead to inaccurate or incomplete insights.

Benefits of enhancing your pitch to potential clients with social media research results

  • Cost-effective: Conducting research on social media is generally more cost-effective than traditional market research channels, as social media platforms offer free or low-cost tools to collect data. 
  • Wide reach: Social media research allows you to reach a wider audience than traditional market research channels. With billions of people using social media platforms worldwide, you have access to a large and diverse audience that can provide valuable insights. 
  • Real-time data: Social media research provides real-time data, allowing you to stay up-to-date with trends and respond quickly to changes in the market.
  • Targeted research: Social media platforms offer powerful targeting capabilities that allow you to know which demographic market segment reacts how to your idea.
  • Engagement: Social media research offers the opportunity to gather qualitative data through comments and other interactions. This can provide valuable insights into your audience's needs, preferences, and pain points.

Boomerang Ideas  - the revolution in market research

We provide you with valuable insights that will increase your pitch-credibility in an easy, cost-effective and scientific manner, leading to better results and ROI for you and your clients. Boomerang ideas brings you benefits in a fast, cost-effective, and trustworthy manner: 

  • Boomerang Ideas is a powerful tool for marketing agencies looking to enhance their pitch with market research, allowing them to gather valuable data quickly and cost-effectively.
  • With Boomerang Ideas you can present the data clearly and effectively: You can use the charts, graphs, and other visual aids provided to you by our tool to help illustrate your points and make the information more accessible to your audience.
  • The social-media-algorithm is developed in conjunction with researchers from the University of Zurich, a reputable academic institution with expertise in data analysis and research methodology. This collaboration ensures that the algorithm is based on sound scientific principles and rigorous testing, and that it has undergone thorough peer review.
  • Boomerang Ideas is reinventing surveys with a novel methodology allowing representative samples on the most recent channel: Social media. No need to be a social media expert due to A.I.-based self-service for the entire process.

How to start your Boomerang Survey

  1. Create your survey for your target audience in our easy-to-use tool with just 3 clicks
  2. Watch your responses flowing in in real-time.
  3. Receive your results and a presentation-ready PDF report.

All this in under 7 days.

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Example of a Boomerang Survey

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