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Success Stories

Increase Lead Quality and Sales With Insights From Targeted Online Polls

August 9, 2021

Innovation Agency DAY8 Increases Lead Quality and Sales With Insights From Targeted Online Polls

DAY8 GmbH, a young innovation agency from Zurich, hosts innovation trainings and workshops such as Design Sprints in Switzerland, Germany and Austria (DACH-region). They are in a fast-paced, competitive market that relies heavily on hands-on results as well as finding the right mix in customizing to the clients while maintaining manageable standardization.

In order to measure the market need for innovative trainings, they asked employees in the DACH-region about their readiness on agile & innovation working methods.


Boomerang Ideas, with their simple online polls and customizable targeting options, provided the right professional context for DAY8 to connect with their customer archetype (social media users that share similar socio-demographics as their clients) and find out what they want. 

The Targeted Boomerang allows specific targeting options to get the polls to the right customer in their key markets Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

DAY8 team found:

“The entry of the questions was super simple and blazing fast. Which did not disturb the other work that was piling up."

Results of poll

A week later, the verdict was there, with results separated by country. What was especially interesting was the fact that, while the Austrian seem more ready for these new work methods (67% say yes), the Germans and Swiss (40% and 50% say yes) have still some catch up to do.

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Besides the clear verdict, one of the most valuable outcomes, was the insights from the comments, which were provided by most of the poll participants.


The fast and super simple Boomerang online poll let DAY8 to create a targeted market offering with training focus on Germany and Austria and 

“It was crucial to see, on which market our offering is a need. Thanks to the poll we know that Germany and Switzerland are our priority-markets which will save us a lot of money”, says Fritz Seidel, Co-Founder DAY8 GmbH.

2 Key-markets identified with cost-saving on lead-generation

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