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Use Cases

Name Test

August 19, 2021

Name Test

Are you launching a new product? What should your startup be called?

Increase your sales potential by obtaining consumer feedback before choosing a name for your product. Branding and marketing campaigns are more effective when you know how consumers react to the name of your product. Consider sharing your name idea with your potential customers, and then ask them if they like it.

Is it unique in their eyes? What do they think of the name of your brand? What makes it different from its competitors? How easy is it to pronounce? To determine the right name for your idea, refer back to the feedback you received. 

With a Boomerang Ideas survey, you can verify if your target market likes and understands your new name. With our A/B testing feature, you can compare multiple ideas, and you can identify consumer demographics and assess client satisfaction

Remember the Mitsubishi Pajero debacle? Try not to make that mistake again!

Throw a Boomerang today!

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